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SAS Companion for the Microsoft Windows Environment

Graphical User Interface

For information on using the graphical user interface (GUI), see Overview of the SAS System Interface and Printing. Some of the GUI features include

Docking View
The Docking View allows for easy navigation within SAS by integrating certain windows, such as the Explorer window and the Results window, into the left side of the main SAS window. Files that you open from the docking area open as a separate window in the remaining SAS workspace. You can undock individual windows if you prefer.

pull-down menu enhancements
The Local, Global, and Options pull-down menus have been removed.

You can use the View menu to access the Program Editor, [IMAGE] Enhanced Editor, Log, Output, Graph, Explorer, Results, and My Favorite Folder windows.

You now set options and customize tools from the Tools menu. The Tools menu also provides access to various SAS editors.

When an editor is the active window, you can use the Run menu to submit SAS programs either locally or remotely.

The Solutions menu provides access to applications for analysis, presentation, program development, reporting, and accessories.

Also, icons are associated with some of the menu items.

pop-up menu enhancement
There are now more places within the main SAS window that have pop-up menus when you click the right mouse button.

command bar enhancements
SAS remembers commands that you have entered from previous SAS session. If you type a command, SAS recognizes the command and automatically completes the command for you.

toolbar enhancements
Using the Customize Tools dialog box, you can add, delete, and modify tools on the toolbar as well as specify the help and screen tip text to display.

Window Bar
The window bar displays a button for each open window within the main SAS window. You can easily make a window the active window by clicking on the window's button on the window bar.

Microsoft IntelliMouse support
SAS supports Microsoft IntelliMouse, which is a modified mouse that includes a wheel used for scrolling. Support for IntelliMouse also includes AutoScroll.

Page Setup dialog box
The Page Setup dialog box lets you interactively define global settings for paper orientation, margins, paper size, and paper source, instead of defining these settings for each printer from the Print Setup dialog box.

Print dialog box
Using the Print dialog box, you can select a printer, the window, number of copies, and page range you want to print. You can also specify if you want to print the output as a bitmap or to print to a file.

Print Preview utility
This utility enables you to see what your printed output will look like before you print the file.

Preferences dialog box enhancements
The Preferences dialog box categorizes settings on different pages:

General page
contains settings for listing recently used files in the File menu, exit settings, submitting the contents of a file when it is opened, and e-mail options.

View page
has settings for window components that you would like available in the main SAS window, such as scrollbars, command line, docking view, window bar, and status line.

Edit page
has options for the overtype mode, autosave features, [IMAGE] unmarking with navigation keys, [IMAGE] and using the Enhanced Editor.

Results page
has options to select HTML and conventional listing output.

Web page
is where the user defines their preferred Web browser and the Web page to open when the Web browser is invoked.

Advanced page
contains scrolling options for the Output and Log windows as well as options to hide the cursor in non-input windows and to disable focus on scroll bars.

viewing SAS System Help using Microsoft HTML Help viewer
When Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or above is installed, the SAS System Help in HTML displays in a window independent of your web browser.

[IMAGE] web enhancements
Certain windows, such as the SAS Explorer window, can have a web look and feel when Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or above is installed. The web enhancements, enabled with the WEBUI system option, let you point the mouse cursor to select an item and a single-click to invoke the default action.

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