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SAS/IntrNet Components

Here are brief descriptions of the SAS/IntrNet components. For demonstrations and complete documentation for each component, see the SAS Institute Web site at

Application Dispatcher
The Application Dispatcher enables you to build dynamic applications that enable users to run SAS programs from their Web browsers.

[IMAGE] In Version 8, the Application Dispatcher includes the following new features:

With htmSQL, you can access and update your SAS data from a Web browser. htmSQL uses SQL statements to update and query your data. It also formats the query results for display in a Web page.

[IMAGE] In Version 8, htmSQL supports nesting of query and update sections.

The SAS/SHARE driver for JDBC enables you to write Java applets and applications that let a user view and update data through a direct connection to SAS/SHARE software.

[IMAGE] In Version 8, the driver includes support for JDBC 2.0 and for SAS/SECURE software.

SAS/CONNECT Driver for Java
The SAS/CONNECT driver for Java enables you to write Java applets and applications that send requests to SAS software on behalf of the user. These requests can be used for data access or for data processing and analysis.

[IMAGE] In Version 8, the driver includes encryption support that is provided by SAS/SECURE software.

SAS SQL Library for C
The SAS SQL Library for C is an API that enables you to create applications that use SQL queries and statements to access data in SAS data sets and in other database management systems.

The SAS ODBC Driver is included on the SAS/IntrNet software media. It provides ODBC-compliant Windows applications with "read" and "write" access to local and remote SAS data sets.

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