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SAS/SHARE User's Guide

SAS/SHARE Services Extend to the Internet

A SAS/SHARE*NET server is a SAS/SHARE server for which SAS/SHARE*NET software is licensed. SAS/SHARE*NET software represents the Data Services component of SAS/IntrNet software. SAS/SHARE*NET is the licensable right to send requests to a SAS/SHARE server from a client that is not a SAS application. Examples of clients that are not SAS applications are:

runs a Web server and offers a gateway to your SAS data from a Web browser. It enables you to incorporate data into a Web page by using SQL queries.

Java applet or application
uses SAS/SHARE*NET driver for JDBC, which enables you to write Java applets or applications that can view and update data through a direct connection to a SAS/SHARE*NET server.

C program
uses the SAS SQL Library for C. The SAS SQL Library is an applications programming interface (API) that enables you to create applications that use SQL queries and statements to access data in SAS data sets and in other database management systems.

An application that uses the ODBC driver, such as Microsoft Excel
uses the ODBC driver, which provides ODBC-compliant Windows applications that have "read" and "write" access to local and remote SAS data sets.

[IMAGE]OLE DB consumer or ADO application
(new in Version 8) uses ShareProvider to view and update data through a direct connection to a SAS/SHARE*NET server. ShareProvider implements the Microsoft OLE DB specification and can be used by any OLE DB- compliant or ADO-enabled application.

It is also possible for a SAS/SHARE server to be a client to another server such as an ORACLE DBMS server. The preceding client interfaces or applications are documented by their own respective vendors or developers.

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