The HISTOGRAM statement creates a two-way comparative histogram for the analysis variable PopulationCount. NROWS= and NCOLS= specify a 4 × 2 arrangement for the tiles. INTERTILE= inserts a space of one percentage screen unit between the tiles. CFILL= specifies a fill color for the histogram bars. VSCALE= requests the vertical axis scale in units of the number of observations per data unit. VAXIS= specifies the tick mark labels and VAXISLABEL= specifies a label for the vertical axis. MIDPOINTS= specifies a list of values to use as bin midpoints. FONT= requests a software font for the text.
    histogram /nrows=4 ncols=2 intertile=1 cfill=cyan vscale=count 
               vaxis=0 4 8 12 vaxislabel='No. of States' 
               midpoints=0 to 30 by 5;