The NOWD option runs PROC REPORT without the REPORT window and sends its output to the SAS procedure output. OUT= creates the output data set TEMP. The output data set contains a variable for each column in the report (Manager and Sales) as well as for the variable _BREAK_, which is not used in this example. Each observation in the data set represents a row of the report. Because Manager is a group variable and Sales is an analysis variable used to calculate the Sum statistic, each row in the report (and therefore each observation in the output data set) represents multiple observations from the input data set. In particular, each value of Sales in the output data set is the total of all values of Sales for that manager. The WHERE= data set option in the OUT= option filters those rows as PROC REPORT creates the output data set. Only those observations with sales that exceed $1,000 become observations in the output data set.
proc report data=grocery nowd
            out=temp( where=(sales gt 1000) );
   column manager sales;