PLACEMENT= gives PROC PLOT more placement states to use to place the labels. PLACEMENT= contains three expressions. The first expression specifies the preferred positions for the label. The first expression resolves to placement states centered above the plotting symbol, with the label on one or two lines. The second and third expressions resolve to placement states that enable PROC PLOT to place the label in multiple positions around the plotting symbol.
           placement=((v=2 1 : l=2 1)
                 ((l=2 2 1 : v=0 1 0) * (s=right left : h=2 -2))
                 (s=center right left * l=2 1 * v=0 1 -1 2 *
                  h=0 1 to 5 by alt));
   title 'A Plot of Population Density and Crime Rates';