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The REPORT Procedure



Example 1: Selecting Variables for a Report

Example 2: Ordering the Rows in a Report

Example 3: Using Aliases to Obtain Multiple Statistics for the Same Variable

Example 4: Consolidating Multiple Observations into One Row of a Report

Example 5: Creating a Column for Each Value of a Variable

Example 6: Displaying Multiple Statistics for One Variable

Example 7: Storing and Reusing a Report Definition

Example 8: Condensing a Report into Multiple Panels

Example 9: Writing a Customized Summary on Each Page

Example 10: Calculating Percentages

Example 11: How PROC REPORT Handles Missing Values

Example 12: Creating and Processing an Output Data Set

Example 13: Storing Computed Variables as Part of a Data Set

Example 14: Using a Format to Create Groups

Example 15: Specifying Style Elements for HTML Output in the PROC REPORT Statement

Example 16: Specifying Style Elements for HTML Output in Multiple Statements

Chapter Contents



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