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The TABULATE Procedure



Example 1: Creating a Basic Two-Dimensional Table

Example 2: Specifying Class Variable Combinations to Appear in a Table

Example 3: Using Preloaded Formats with Class Variables

Example 4: Using Multilabel Formats

Example 5: Customizing Row and Column Headings

Example 6: Summarizing Information with the Universal Class Variable ALL

Example 7: Eliminating Row Headings

Example 8: Indenting Row Headings and Eliminating Horizontal Separators

Example 9: Creating Multipage Tables

Example 10: Reporting on Multiple-Response Survey Data

Example 11: Reporting on Multiple-Choice Survey Data

Example 12: Calculating Various Percentage Statistics

Example 13: Using Denominator Definitions to Display Basic Frequency Counts and Percentages

Example 14: Specifying Style Elements for HTML Output

Chapter Contents



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