This REPLACE statement alters the text that is used in parts of the HTML output. In the contents file, the default style definition uses "The" as the value of prefix1 and "Procedure" as the value of suffix1. Thus, in HTML output that uses the default style definition, the output from PROC PRINT is identfied by "1. The PRINT Procedure" (see HTML Output from PROC PRINT with the Default Style Definition). In the customized style definition, the text that identifies the output reads "1. PROC PRINT". The heading that appears at the top of the contents file has been changed from "Table of Contents" to "Contents", and the heading at the top of the table of pages has been changed from "Table of Pages" to "Pages". The banners have been changed to use mixed case. (Note that neither these banners nor the table of pages is visible in the HTML output from this example, but the attributes are included so that you can use the style definition in a variety of circumstances.)
   replace text /
      "prefix1" = "PROC "
      "suffix1" = ":"
      "Content Title" = "Contents"
      "Pages Title" = "Pages"
      "Note Banner" = "Note:"
      "Warn Banner" = "Warning:"
      "Error Banner" = "Error:"
      "Fatal Banner" = "Fatal:"