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convert a SAS file
changes the format of a SAS file from one version to another, for example, from Version 6 to Version 8 format.

is a part of the SAS System that reads from or writes to a SAS file in a data library. Each engine allows SAS to access files with a particular format. Having multiple engines enables SAS to access different formats and versions of SAS files.

is a shortcut name associated with a SAS data library.

mixed-mode directory
is a directory that contains SAS files from more than one release, for example, Version 6 and Version 8.

SAS catalog
is a SAS file that stores different kinds of information in separate units called catalog entries, which are distinguished by the entry type and name. A SAS catalog has the member type CATALOG. Various SAS procedures and products create and manage entry types.

SAS data file
is a SAS data set that contains both the data values and the descriptor information. A data file has the member type DATA.

SAS data library
is a collection of one or more SAS files that are recognized by SAS. Each file is a member of the library.

SAS data set
is a SAS file that consists of descriptor information and data values organized as a table of observations (rows) and variables (columns) that can be processed by SAS. A SAS data set can be either a SAS data file or a SAS view.

SAS file
is a specially structured file that is created, organized, and maintained by SAS. SAS files reside in SAS data libraries as members with specific types. Examples of SAS files are a SAS data set (which can be a SAS data file or a SAS view), a SAS catalog, a stored compiled DATA step program, an access descriptor file, and database files such as MDDB, FDB, and DMDB files.

SAS view
is a SAS data set that contains only the information required to retrieve values. The data is obtained from another file. A SAS view has the member type VIEW. There are three types of SAS views:

stored compiled DATA step program
is a SAS file that contains a DATA step program that has been compiled and stored in a SAS data library. A stored compiled DATA step program has the member type PROGRAM.

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