SAS/GIS Software: Usage and Reference, Version 6, First Edition

Using This Book vii

Part 1 Usage

Chapter 1 Introducing SAS/GIS{tm} Software
Chapter 2 Preparing Spatial Data
Chapter 3 Navigating in the GIS Map Window
Chapter 4 Performing Actions for Selected Map Features
Chapter 5 Customizing Maps
Chapter 6 Editing and Managing Spatial Data
Chapter 7 Matching Addresses with Map Features
Chapter 8 Printing and Saving Copies of Maps

Part 2 Reference

Chapter 9 The GIS Command
Chapter 10 SAS/GIS{tm} Windows
Chapter 11 Importing Spatial Data
Chapter 12 The GIS Procedure
Appendix 1 Details of SAS/GIS{tm} Spatial Databases
The SAS/GIS Data Model
SAS/GIS Spatial Database File Structure
Composite Associations