SAS/ETS Software: Applications Guide 1, Version 6, First Edition

Reference Aids ix
Credits xi
Acknowledgments xiii
Using This Book xv

Part I Time Series Modeling 1

Chapter 1 Time Series Data
Chapter 2 Manipulating Time Series Data
Chapter 3 Autoregressive Models
Chapter 4 Moving Average Models
Chapter 5 Stationarity
Chapter 6 Modeling Higher Order Processes
Chapter 7 Modeling Seasonal Time Series Data
Chapter 8 Seasonal Adjustments to Time Series Data
Chapter 9 Modeling with Explanatory Variables
Chapter 10 Modeling and Forecasting Multivariate Time Series
Chapter 11 Spectral Analysis

Part 2 Time Series Forecasting

Chapter 12 Forecasting Using Autoregressive Models
Chapter l3 Forecasting with Exponential Smoothing and Moving Average Models
Chapter 14 Automatic Forecasting of Seasonal Processes
Chapter 15 Advanced Forecasting of Seasonal Processes

Part 3 Financial Reporting and Loan Analysis

Chapter 16 Printing Financial Reports
Chapter 17 Analyzing Loans

Part 4 Appendices

Appendix 1 Electricity Production Data (1972--1989)
Appendix 2 Critical Values of ~ and ~
Appendix 3 Critical Values for the Fisher-Kappa Test