The Next Step: Integrating the Software Life Cycle with SAS Programming

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Overview of the Software LIfe Cycle
Chapter 3: Managing the Project
Chapter 4: Analyzing the Problem
Chapter 5: Laying the Foundation with Good Design
Chapter 6: Improving Readability and Providing Internal Documentation
Chapter 7: Structured Programming Techniques
Chapter 8: System Coding Principles
Chapter 9: Program Verification and Testing Methodology
Chapter 10: Digging Out with Debugging Techniques
Chapter 11: Putting It All Together with a Demonstration: The Site Map System
Chapter 12: Answers to Exercises
Appendix 1: Coding Samples
Appendix 2: Definitions for the Site Map System
Appendix 3: A Links Primer
Appendix 4: Tutorial of Navigation Rules
Pointer Approach
Sample Site
Logic for Navigation
Appendix 5: Summary of Navigation Rules
Navigation Strategy
Error Checks