SAS System for Mixed Models


Chapter 1 A Setting for Mixed Models Applications: Randomized Blocks Designs
Chapter 2 Common Mixed Models
Chapter 3 Analysis of Repeated Measures Data
Chapter 4 Random Effects Models
Chapter 5 Analysis of Covariance
Chapter 6 Best Linear Unbiased Prediction
Chapter 7 Random Coefficient Models
Chapter 8 Heterogeneous Variance Models
Chapter 9 Spatial Variability
Chapter 10 Case Studies
Chapter 11 Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Chapter 12 Nonlinear Mixed Models
Appendix 1 Mixed Models Theory
Matrix Notation
Formulation of the Mixed Model
Example: Growth Curve with Compound Symmetry
Example: Split-Plot Design
Estimating G and R in the Mixed Model
Estimating and u in the Mixed Model
Model Selection
Statistical Properties
Inference and Test Statistics
Appendix 2 GLIMMIX Macro
Appendix 3 NLINMIX Macro
Appendix 4 SAS Datasets
Data Set 1.2.4 BOND
Data Set 1.5.1 PBIB
Data Set 2.2(a) Data from Cultivar-Inoculation Trial
Data Set 2.2(b) Data from Semiconductor Example
Data Set 2.8.1 Multilocation Trial
Data Set 3.2(a) WEIGHTS
Data Set 3.2(b) WEIGHT2
Data Set 3.2(c) AVG
Data Set 3.4(a) WTSMISS
Data Set 3.4(b) WT2MISS
Data Set 3.5 HR
Data Set 3.6 DEMAND
Data Set 4.2 Mississippi River
Data Set 4.4 Semiconductor
Data Set 4.5 Genetics
Data Set 5.3 Average Daily Gain
Data Set 5.4 Balanced Incomplete Block
Data Set 5.5 Unbalanced Incomplete Block
Data Set 5.6 Teaching Methods I
Data Set 5.7 Teaching Methods II
Data Set 5.8 Wafer Types
Data Set 6.4 Animal Breeding
Data Set 6.5 Machine Operator
Data Set 7.2 Winter Wheat
Data Set 8.2 DIAL
Data Set 8.3 GRIP
Data Set 8.4.1 PREETCH
Data Set 9.5 Agronomic Uniformity Trial
Data Set 9.6.1 Water Drainage Characteristics
Data Set 9.6.2 Wheat Yield
Data Set 10.2.1 DESIGN
Data Set 10.3.1 Response of Maize to Irrigation
Data Set 10.4.1 Complex Split-Plot
Data Set 10.5.1 Methods of Rangeland Reclamation
Data Set 10.6.1 FAC-SP
Data Set 10.7.1 Photo Resist Coating Experiment
Data Set 10.8.1 Product Acceptability Study
Data Set 10.9.1 On-Farm Trial
Data Set 10.10 CD
Data Set 11.5 NEW
Data Set 11.6 A
Data Set 12.4 Tree
Data Set 12.5 PHENO