Survival Analysis Using the SAS System: A Practical Guide


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Basic Concepts of Survival Analysis
Chapter 3 Estimating and Comparing Survival Curves with
Chapter 4 Estimating Parametric Regression Models with
Chapter 5 Estimating Cox Regression Models with
Chapter 6 Competing Risks
Chapter 7 Analysis of Tied or Discrete Data with the
Chapter 8 Heterogeneity, Repeated Events, and
Chapter 9 A Guide for the Perplexed
Appendix 1 Macro Programs
p.259 Introduction
p.259 The SMOOTH Macro
p.261 The LIFEHAZ Macro
p.263 The PREDICT Macro
p.264 The WLW Macro
Appendix 2 Data Sets
p.269 Introduction
p.269 The MYEL Data Set: Myelomatosis Patients
p.270 The RECID Data Set: Arrest Times for Released Prisoners
p.271 The STAN Data Set: Stanford Heart Transplant Patients
p.272 The BREAST Data Set: Survival Data for Breast Cancer Patients
p.272 The JOBDUR Data Set: Durations of Jobs
p.272 The ALCO Data Set: Survival of Cirrhosis Patients
p.273 The LEADERS Data Set: Time in Power for Leaders of Countries
p.274 The RANK Data Set: Promotions in Rank for Biochemists
p.275 The JOBMULT Data Set: Repeated Job Changes