Working with the SAS System

Working With The SAS System
Erik W. Tilanus
To the reader
SAS documentation
Preface with the English edition
Chapter 1 Information Processing
Chapter 2 Introducing the SAS System
Chapter 3 Introduction to the DATA step
Chapter 4 Introduction to the PROC step
Chapter 5 The SAS Display Manager
Chapter 6 Programming the DATA step
Chapter 7 Functions
Chapter 8 SAS data sets as input
Chapter 9 Layout definitions
Chapter 10 Storage and maintenance of SAS files
Chapter 11 Descriptive statistics
Chapter 13 Graphic presentation
Chapter 14 The SAS macro language
Chapter 15 Advanced DATA step features
Chapter 16 Accessing SAS data sets
Chapter 17 PROC REPORT
Chapter 18 Support routines
Chapter 19 Introduction to SAS/FSP Software
Chapter 20 Introduction to SAS/GRAPH Software
Appendix A: Solutions to the exercises
Appendix B: Symbol coding and number systems
Appendix C: Examples of PROC TABULATE
Appendix D: Eamples of PROC CHART
Appendix E: Binary Search macro
Appendix F: ISO week number macro
Appendix G: Ternary diagram macros
Appendix H: The SAS System under Windows
Appendix I: The SAS System under OS/2
Appendix J: The SAS System under UNIX
Appendix K: The SAS System under VMS
Appendix L: The SAS System under CMS
Appendix M: The SAS System under MVS
Appendix N: Summary of SAS products and documentation