SAS System for Elementary Statistical Analysis, Second Edition

Table of Contents

The Basics
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Getting Started
Chapter 3: Creating SAS Data Sets
Chapter 4: Summarizing Data
Chapter 5: Understanding Some Basic Statistical Concepts
Chapter 6: Estimating the Mean
Chapter 7: Comparing Two Groups
Chapter 8: Comparing More Than Two Groups
Chapter 9: Correlation and Regression
Chapter 10: Basic Regression Diagnostics
Chapter 11: Creating and Analyzing Crosstabulations
Appendix 1: Display Manager Basics
Windows in DMS
Typing in and Running a SAS Program
Printing and Saving Output
Appendix 2: Troubleshooting
Solving Common Program Problems
CanŐt Get SAS Software to Run
Received Message about Syntax Error
Received Error Message about Invalid Data
Formatted Values Incomplete
Received Wrong Summaries and an Error Message
Received One Summary Instead of Several
Wrong Chart Produced
Didn't Get an Analysis of Variance
Didn't Get Multiple Comparison Procedures
CouldnŐt Add Variable to Regression
Different Regression Results for Same MODEL Statements
Table Doesn't Show All Levels of a Variable
Appendix 3: Additional Information
Publications Catalog
Consulting Services and Training
News Magazine
Technical Journal
Technical Support
SAS Users Group International (SUGI)
Licensing SAS Software
Appendix 4: Syntax Summary
Glossary of SAS Terms