Reporting from the Field: SAS Software Experts Present Real-World Report-Writing Applications

Reporting from the Field
SAS Software Experts
Frank C. Dilorio
Chapter 1 Tips and Tricks
Chapter 2 Getting the Bugs Out
Chapter 3 Report-Writing Applications
Chapter 4 Propagating Documentation
Chapter 5 A Stepwise Approach to Using PROC TABULATE
Chapter 6 Creating Customized Reports Using the DATA_NULL_Step
Chapter 7 Creating Customized Reports Using Screen Control Language
Chapter 8 PROC TABULATE in Simple Terms
Chapter 9 Character-Based Graphics: New Uses for Old Technologies
Chapter 10 Using a Word-Wrap Macro on Long Text Variables
Chapter 11 Five Nifty Reports Using PROC SQL Views in the SASHELP
Chapter 12 Computing Average Run Lengths for Various Control Charts
Chapter 13 How to Automate Table Typesetting of SAS Output in
Chapter 14 Reporting and SAS Tool Selection
Chapter 15 Producing Multiple Reports from Typical Survey Data
Chapter 16 Online Report Generation Using SAS Display Manager
Chapter 17 Exceptions Reports for Zero Observations
Chapter 18 Harnessing SAS Macro Power and Flexibility: Applications