Strategic Data Warehousing Principles Using SAS Software

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by Peter R. Welbrock

What is the key to a successful Data Warehouse? Strategy, design, and implementation! This book skillfully provides a conceptual and working model of a successful Data Warehouse process that is developed by using SAS software. Written for both the business and technical sides of the house, Welbrock supplies real-life experience with Data Warehousing, not a theoretical approach. This book delivers the following three-phase strategy for building a Data Warehouse: 1) Build a Conceptual Data Warehouse that contains metadata about the business elements required to fulfill enterprise needs. 2) Transition the business elements that are documented in the Conceptual Warehouse into a technological lexicon. 3) Implement the physical Data Warehouse. Topics discussed that support the Data Warehousing process are data modeling, data transformation, multi-dimensional databases, data extraction and storage, warehouse loading, client/server, and the SAS/Warehouse Administrator. The strategy for designing your effective Data Warehouse is found in these pages!

380 pages.

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CMS, Mac, MVS, OS/390, OS/2, UNIX, OpenVMS Alpha, OpenVMS VAX, Windows

ISBN: 1-58025-151-X

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