SAS System for Forecasting Time Series, 1986 Edition

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by Dr. John C. Brocklebank and Dr. David A. Dickey

This book shows how the SAS System performs multivariate time series analysis and features the advanced SAS procedures STATESPACE, ARIMA, and SPECTRA. The interrelationship of SAS/ETS procedures is demonstrated with an accompanying discussion of how the choice of a procedure depends on the data to be analyzed and results desired. Using this book you will learn to model and forecast simple autoregressive (AR) processes using PROC ARIMA and use the STATESPACE procedure and the AR model to do state space modeling. Other topics covered include detecting sinusoidal components in time series models and performing bivariate cross-spectral analysis and comparing the results with the standard transfer function methodology.

254 pages.

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CMS, Mac, MVS, OS/390, OS/2, UNIX, OpenVMS Alpha, OpenVMS VAX, Windows

ISBN: 1-55544-027-4

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