SAS System for Mixed Models

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by Ramon C. Littell, Ph.D., George A. Milliken, Ph.D., Walter W. Stroup, Ph.D., and Russell D. Wolfinger, Ph.D.

At last! A comprehensive, applications-oriented mixed models guide for data analysis. Discover the latest capabilities available for a wide range of applications featuring the MIXED procedure in SAS/STAT software. This practical guide integrates the theory underlaying the models, the specific forms of the models for various applications, and examples from many different fields of study using appropriate SAS code with interpretation of results. Specific models discussed include: simple random-effect only, simple mixed with a single fixed and random effect, split-plot, multilocation, repeated measures, analysis of covariance, random coefficients, and spatial correlation. With a background in two-way ANOVA and regression and basic knowledge of linear models and matrix algebra, you will benefit from the discussion of basic to advanced topics in this book. A working knowledge of experimental design is also helpful.

656 pages.

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CMS, Mac, MVS, OS/390, OS/2, UNIX, OpenVMS Alpha, OpenVMS VAX, Windows

ISBN: 1-55544-779-1

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