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SAS/GRAPH Software: Reference

General Changes

Producing Graphics Output for the Web

SAS/GRAPH software provides several methods for generating graphics output that can be displayed on the World Wide Web. Most of these methods enable you to create graphs in which the user clicks on areas of the graph to "drill down" to additional graphs or reports.

Device Drivers

New device drivers automatically generate one or more HTML and GIF files that can be viewed with a Web browser. These drivers provide a quick and easy way to produce output for use on the Web:

[IMAGE]New in Version 8, you can also use the ACTIVEX and JAVA device drivers. Both drivers can only be used with procedures GCHART, GCONTOUR, GMAP, GPLOT, and G3D, and both must be used with the Output Delivery System (ODS). The ACTIVEX driver generates an HTML file that defines graphics output as ActiveX controls, and the JAVA driver generates an HTML file that defines graphics output as a Java applet. Both the ActiveX controls and the Java applets are interactive when displayed in a browser. For example, they let you change the chart type from a bar chart to a pie chart.

Output Delivery System

SAS/GRAPH procedures that generate graphics output support the Output Delivery System (ODS). You can use the ODS HTML statement or special SAS/GRAPH device drivers to produce ODS output. When used with SAS/GRAPH procedures, either method uses a default ODS template to produce HTML files and graphics output that can be viewed with a Web browser.

Long Variable Names

SAS/GRAPH supports long variable names in data sets. Catalog entry names are still limited to 8 characters. If longer names are specified, they are truncated.


SAS/GRAPH has added support for specifying long font names that appear in the Charrec window of the GDEVICE procedure.


SAS/GRAPH has added support for CMYK and HSB (or HSV) color types.

Features That Are No Longer Supported

A few SAS/GRAPH windows are no longer supplied:

A new file requestor window is provided for the Graphics Editor and the Graph window.

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