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SAS/CONNECT User's Guide

Examples of Data Transfer Services (DTS)


Example 1. DTS: Transferring Data by Using WHERE Statements

Example 2. DTS: Transferring Specific Member Types by Using SELECT or EXCLUDE Statements

Example 3. DTS: Transferring Specific Catalog Entry Types

Example 4. DTS: Transferring Generations of SAS Data Sets

Example 5. DTS: Transferring Long Member Names

Example 6. DTS: Transferring Data by Using Data Set Options and Attributes

Example 7. DTS: Transferring Data Set Integrity Constraints

Example 8. DTS: Transferring Numerics by Using the EXTENDSN= and V6TRANSPORT Options

Example 9. DTS: Transferring SAS Utility Files

Example 10. DTS: Distributing an .EXE File from the Remote Host to Multiple Local Hosts

Example 11. DTS: Uploading a Catalog That Contains Graphics Output

Example 12. DTS: Downloading a Partitioned Data Set from an OS/390 Host

Example 13. DTS: Combining Data from Multiple Remote Sessions

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