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SAS/CONNECT User's Guide

SAS/CONNECT Attention Handler Window

If you need to interrupt processing of statements that were submitted to the remote host, issue a break signal:

UNIX CTRL-C (This key combination can be reset with the UNIX STTY command. During a SAS session in DMS mode under The X Window System, you can select an interrupt button in the SAS Session Manager window to issue a break signal.)
OS/390 ATTN key

After you issue a break signal, the SAS/CONNECT Attention Handler window appears. It contains the selections shown in The SAS/CONNECT Attention Handler Window.

Note:   With the APPC access method, the SAS/CONNECT Attention Handler window will not be displayed if a CTRL-BREAK sequence is issued during a remote submit. Instead, the Global Handler window is displayed with a prompt for terminating the SAS session.  [cautionend]

The SAS/CONNECT Attention Handler Window


The following selections are available in the Attention Handler window:
a aborts the statements that are currently being processed on the remote host but keeps the link open. This option is useful if you want to terminate a very large file transfer or if you want to interrupt a remote SAS job that is generating many error messages.

Note:   Control may not be passed back to the local session immediately.  [cautionend]

c continues the remote job. Select this option if you decide that you do not want to interrupt the remote job.

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