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SAS/CONNECT User's Guide

Asynchronous Remote Submits

SAS/CONNECT supports both synchronous and asynchronous remote processing. In Version 6, only synchronous processing was supported. Synchronous processing means that the processing on the remote host must be complete before you regain control of your SAS session. Asynchronous processing means that control is returned immediately so you can continue processing on the local host.

The following new statements are available for checking the status of asynchronous remote processing and obtaining results from it:

creates windows for the log and output from an asynchronous remote submit.

retrieves the log and output from an asynchronous remote submit and merges them with the local session.

New options have also been added to the SIGNON, the SIGNOFF and the RSUBMIT statements to support asynchronous processing. The following options help control access to and execution on the remote host:

identifies which remote session to connect to.

indicates whether the status window will be displayed during a file transfer.

specifies whether a remote submit is processed synchronously or asynchronously.

identifies the name of a macro variable to associate with a remote submit.

specifies a script file to use during SIGNON and SIGNOFF.

forces the macro variables for an asynchronous remote submit to be defined as soon as %SYSRPUT executes rather than at a synchronization point.

For information about SIGNON, SIGNOFF, and RSUBMIT, see SIGNON Command and Statement, SIGNOFF Command and Statement, and RSUBMIT Command and RSUBMIT Statement.

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