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SAS/CONNECT User's Guide

Using a Script to Start and Stop SAS/CONNECT

This section shows you how to start and stop SAS/CONNECT sessions by using the sample scripts that are supplied by SAS Institute. You will find these scripts in the following directories where the SAS System is installed: (footnote 1)

Windows !sasroot\CONNECT\SASLINK
OS/390 prefix.CTMISC
UNIX !sasroot/misc/connect

All sample scripts start and stop SAS/CONNECT. An automatic logon script prompts you for userid and password input to log on to a remote host. You must log on to the remote system before running a manual logon script.

Most access methods use automatic logon scripts. Only EHLLAPI gives you the choice of manually logging on to the remote host. For easy association of a script and its intended remote system, the naming conventions for most of the sample scripts are based on the access method and the name of the remote operating system. For example, TCPTSO.SCR is the script for a TCP/IP access method and a TSO remote host, and the TELCMS.SCR is the script for a TELNET access method and a CMS remote host.

If you are an experienced user and you already know how to start and stop the connection, you can skip the step-by-step instructions and see Setting the Autoexec File for SAS/CONNECT and Starting Multiple SAS/CONNECT Sessions.

FOOTNOTE 1:  The term !sasroot is not actually part of the pathname; it represents the name of the directory where the SAS System is installed at your site. [arrow]

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