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Obtain queue header information.



CALL QUEUE_GETHDR(queueId, desc, respQ, datetime, origin, security, corr, rc);

Where... Is type... And represents...
queueId N queue identifier
desc C user-specified description
respQ C response queue name
datetime N queued date-time stamp (currently unsupported, value will be ignored)
origin C originator's name
security C security name of originator
corr N correlator
rc N return code

When the query CALL routine returns an event type of DELIVERY, QUEUE_GETHDR must be invoked before any subsequent queries or sends are allowed on this queue.

QUEUE_GETHDR retrieves the queue header information specific to the specified queue. If the user-supplied fields were set on the sending side using QUEUE_SETHDR , those values will be surfaced here. Additional fields will also be surfaced. These include the queue date/time stamp and the originator's name and security name.

The queueId parameter identifies the queue.

The desc parameter is user-supplied, descriptive text. This text will be surfaced if it was set on the sending side.

The respQ parameter is the user-supplied response queue name. This parameter will be surfaced if it was set on the sending side.

The datetime parameter is the queued date-time stamp, which indicates when the message was queued. At this time, this parameter is not supported, and any value will be ignored.

The origin parameter is the originator's name.

The security parameter is the originator's security name.

The corr parameter is the correlator value.

If an error occurs, rc is updated and returned as a non-zero value. Use the SYSMSG() function to print the message that is associated with the non-zero rc.


This example obtains the header information of the queue identified by queueId.

desc = "";
resp = "";
dt = 0;
corr = 0;
origin = "";
security = "";
call queue_gethdr(queueId, desc, resp, 
                  dt, origin, security, 
                  corr, rc);

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