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SAS/CONNECT User's Guide

Syntax for the TRANTAB Statement

TRANTAB NAME=translation-table-name

The TRANTAB statement enables you to specify translation tables to use for translating characters in catalog entries that you want to download. The TRANTAB statement also enables you to specify the particular types of SAS/AF or SCL catalog entries to which you want to apply a translation. You can specify one translation table per statement, but there is no limit to the number of TRANTAB statements you can use in one invocation of the DOWNLOAD procedure. If you specify the TRANTAB statement, you must also specify the INCAT= and OUTCAT= options in the PROC DOWNLOAD statement.

Requirements for the TRANTAB Statement

A TRANTAB statement must include the following argument:

specifies the name of the translation table to apply to the SAS catalog that you want to download. The translation-table-name that you specify is the name of a catalog entry in either your SASUSER.PROFILE catalog or the SASHELP.HOST catalog. The DOWNLOAD procedure searches the SASUSER.PROFILE catalog first and the SASHELP.HOST catalog second.

See TRANTAB= for more information about translation tables.

By default, whenever you invoke PROC DOWNLOAD, the procedure uses the table that translates host-to-transport format. In most cases, the default translation table is the correct one to use, but you may need to apply additional translation tables if, for example, your application requires different national language characters.

You can specify a translation table other than the default in two ways:

See the SAS Procedures Guide for information about creating translation tables with PROC TRANTAB.

Options for the TRANTAB Statement

You can use the following options in the TRANTAB statement:

specifies that the DOWNLOAD procedure apply the translation table only to the entries with the type or types you specify. Note that etype-list can be one or more entry types. If etype-list is a simple entry type, omit the parenthesis.

By default, the DOWNLOAD procedure applies the translation table to all of the entries in the catalog that you specify.

specifies one of the following:

When you omit the OPT= option, the DOWNLOAD procedure applies the translation table to all of the entries in the catalog that you specify.

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