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SAS/CONNECT User's Guide

Example 12. DTS: Downloading a Partitioned Data Set from an OS/390 Host


This example shows users who have an OS/390 host how to download all members of a partitioned data set. Suppose you need to download a collection of SAS programs from an OS/390 host to your local host. The SAS programs are members of one partitioned data set named MFHOST.SAS.PROGRAMS. You can copy all the programs from the partitioned data set to the local host using a single DOWNLOAD procedure. An asterisk (*) can be used in the DOWNLOAD procedure as a wildcard character which greatly simplifies the code needed to transfer all members of the data set.


[1] filename locdir 

[2] rsubmit;
[3]    filename inpds
         '' shr;

[4]    proc download infile=inpds('*')
[5] endrsubmit;
[1] The first FILENAME statement defines the fileref LOCDIR, which identifies the physical location for the files that are downloaded to the local UNIX host.
[2] The RSUBMIT statement indicates the following statement will be processed on the OS/390 host. By not specifying a remote-session-id, this example assumes that the OS/390 machine is your current remote host.
[3] The second FILENAME statement defines the fileref INPDS for the partitioned data set MFHOST.SAS.PROGRAMS, which contains the SAS programs that are to be downloaded to the local host.
[4] The PROC DOWNLOAD step transfers all the files in the partitioned data set on the remote OS/390 host to the library on the local UNIX host.
[5] The ENDRSUBMIT statement indicates the end of the block of statements that are submitted to the remote host for processing.

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