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SAS Companion for the CMS Environment

Changes and Enhancements

This section describes the features of SAS software under CMS that have been implemented or enhanced since the 6.09 Enhanced Release.

Sending Electronic Mail

[IMAGE] In SAS Version 8, the new EMAIL device type for the FILENAME statement, along with the new EMAILSYS= system option, allows you to send electronic mail from within SAS.

PIPES Device Type

The new PIPES device type option for the FILENAME statement implements CMS pipelines in SAS.

Long Names

Names of SAS data library members can now be up to 32 characters long.

Unaccessed SFS Directories

I/O can now be performed against SAS data libraries and external files that reside in unaccessed, shared file system directories.

Help Browser

SAS System Help for CMS is now displayed in an HTML browser that runs on the mainframe.

FTP Device Type for External I/O

External files in other operating environments can now be accessed in FILENAME statements by using the new options FTP, HTTP, and TELNET.

Expanded Aggregate File Types

In addition to CMS MACLIBs, an SFS directory or a CMS minidisk may now be accessed for addition or update as an aggregate file.

SAS Library Concatenation

SAS in the CMS environment supports the full base SAS implementation of concatenated library specifications.

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