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SAS/AF Software: Class Dictionary

Using the Frame Class

You can use a frame whenever you need to build a graphical user interface for an application. The Frame class and any subclasses of it that you create provide the properties for the windows and dialogs in your applications. Frames are stored as FRAME entries in a catalog.

By default, the frame looks for an SCL entry with the same name as its FRAME entry. You can use a different SCL entry by setting the SCLEntry attribute to the desired item.

To specify a menu bar to appear with the frame, set the pmenuEntry attribute to a valid PMENU entry.

SCL Programs for Frames

FRAME entries are primarily controlled by SCL programs. You can use SCL programs to invoke methods for objects and perform such tasks as user validation, calculation of values based on user input, manipulation and responding to controls (or widgets) on a frame, and providing messages and help to users.

Note:   An SCL program is not required for a frame.  [cautionend]

The SCL programs for frame entries can contain labeled sections in addition to the standard INIT, MAIN, and TERM labels. You can use a label of the same name as an object, and the code in the label executes when an action is performed on the object or its value is changed. For example, if you add a push button control named okButton to your frame, your SCL code could include

  /* your processing instructions here*/

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