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Using the External File Model Class

If you want to expand the functionality of the external file model, subclass it directly and override the methods you want to modify.

If you are making a model to view data other than catalog entries or external files, subclass the Text Model Template class. In this case, define all of the methods for the class to provide the functionality specific to your data. For an example of creating a new model by subclassing the Text Model Template class, see that class.

Subclassing the External File Model

This example creates a model subclass of the external file model that, when connected with a text viewer, adds the word "Line" followed by the line number to the beginning of each text line:

  1. Create the CLASS entry.

  2. Override the external file model methods.

  3. Provide the SCL code for the external file model methods.

  4. Use the new external file model.

    The file appears with the line number information.

For an additional example of subclassing a model, see the Text Model Template class.

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