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Using the Print Manager Class

You can work with the Print Manager class in two ways. First, you could use the _print method of a frame. This method works with the print manager to print all the components on the frame.

Second, you could create an instance of the Print Manager class from SCL. This way enables you to invoke the methods of the print manager directly, and ultimately enables you to have much greater control over the printed output.

Titles and Footnotes

The Print Manager class supports titles and footnotes. The titles are printed at the top of the page and the footnotes are printed at the bottom. The Print Manager class allows up to 40 titles and 40 footnotes. The amount of space taken by the titles and footnotes reduces the space available to the components.

All methods related to titles and footnotes have an optional index parameter. The index is "1" based. If the index is not specified, then 1 is assumed.

Units of Measure

The Print Manager class accepts several units of measure. They are used when a method requires distance information. In such cases, both a unit of measure and the number of units are specified.

The supported units of measure are:
'IN' Inches
'CM' Centimeters
'MM' Millimeters
'PT' Points
'PC' Picas
'PX' Pixels
'LN' Lines

Use caution when using pixels as a unit of measure. Pixels are a device dependent unit of measure. You may produce different results from one device to another.   [cautionend]

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