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Using the SAS/GRAPH Output Class

Subclassing the Segment Hotspot Class

Once you create a SAS/GRAPH output object, you can define hotspots for the object using a subclass of the SAS/GRAPH Output class, the Segment Hotspot class. The Segment Hotspot class provides a way to connect hotspots in your graphics output to labeled sections in your SCL program so that the labeled sections execute when the hotspot is selected.

The Segment Hotspot class is very similar to the Hotspot class; however, the Segment Hotspot class is available only in connection with the SAS/GRAPH Output class. Segment hotspots are defined only in terms of the SAS/GRAPH output they intersect. Segment hotspots are not true objects; they do not contain any methods of their own. All method calls to modify the segment hotspots must be made to the SAS/GRAPH output object that owns the hotspot.

Segment hotspots can be defined only for static GRSEG entries because segment hotspots are tightly coupled to the position of the graphic segment within the stream of segments stored in the GRSEG entry. For this reason, hotspots are removed when the GRSEG entry changes.

How to Define a Segment Hotspot

To define a segment hotspot on your SAS/GRAPH output:

  1. Position the cursor anywhere in the SAS/GRAPH output and from the pop-up menu select Turn Hotspot Mode ON.

  2. Select the area on the output for which to create the hotspot. The hotspotted area is highlighted in the output.

  3. Position the cursor on the hotspotted area and from the pop-up menu select Hotspot Attributes. The Segment Hotspot Attributes window opens.

  4. Use the Segment Hotspot Attributes window to define the attributes for the hotspot.

Segment Hotspot Attributes Window

Sets the attributes of the hotspot and defines what happens when the hotspot is selected.

specifies the hotspot's name. By default, the hotspot is named HOTn, where n is the nth hotspot of any class in the frame. Segment hotspots in the examples are named HOT1 or HOT2.

specifies the highlight color and assigns the display attribute to apply to the hotspot.

Display hotspot
makes the hotspot visible when the application is executed.

Additional Attributes
accesses secondary windows in which you can modify additional attributes. All windows accessed through Additional Attributes are described in the Widget class.

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