General Info...

Want to know how to fix a scratched CD?  Sell your car?  Choose wine?  Remove wallpaper?  Convert measurements?  Make candles?  If you've ever wondered how to do something, you can probably find the answers here.

 Consumer Information Center
Provided by the U.S. General Services Administration, this site explains everything from copyright law to nutrition to federal programs to buying a house.


 Gyn 101
Here you'll find the basics about your reproductive health and what to expect on your first trip to the gynecologist.

 Planned Parenthood
Birth control options, unbiased information on women's health & reproductive rights, and a sprinkling of current events...

 The Feminist Women's Health Center
Complete with a bulletin board to post your own opinions & experiences, plus excellent links to women's health resources all over the web and the U.S., this is a comprehensive site for women's health.


 Experience on Demand: Your Online Career Resource
What's the industry standard?  Find out how competitive your salary is...  or just what to expect when you graduate and go out into the "real world"!

 Take Our Daughters to Work
A nifty program sponsored by the Ms. Foundation, plus great info on girls and self-esteem.

 National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE)
That's right, women still make less than men, on average.  This site includes information from the Census Bureau as well as a wage breakdown by race and gender.


The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
An women-only weeklong event featuring both popular folk singers like Dar Williams and a host of Riotgrrl bands, 
this annual summer festival is about more than music.  This festival is widely known for being friendly to women of all orientations and for being mom-friendly, welcoming to women of color, and geared to accessibility for disabled women.
Your ticket pays not only for seeing the bands, but also for a campsite and daily vegetarian meals and childcare, as well 
as a host of fun events including great free workshops.  Check it out before you make your summer plans.  


 Ms. Magazine
Not just your mother's magazine -- Ms. has recently been reformulated with younger readers in mind.  Their site has selected content from each magazine issue, plus news on current events, book reviews, and fabulous bulletin boards where you can have your say on the latest women's issues.

A great radical-feminist webzine with a wide range of interesting topics.  They also have new message boards.

Not your average magazine on mothering, HipMama is a webzine that uses personal essays and engaging writing to highlight
a number of issues moms deal with.  Even non-moms will enjoy reading this.

Women's Organizations...

 American Association of University Women
"A national organization the promotes education and equity for women and girls."  Includes research on women and girls, current events/public policy information, and a link to the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund.

 The National Women's Political Caucus
A grassroots organization dedicated to putting more women in office.

 Feminist Majority Foundation
Their definition of feminism: the policy, practice or advocacy of political, economic,
     and social equality for women.  Words can't express how very comprehensive their links are -- if it has to do with women, and you want to know more about it, they've probably got a link for you.

 National Organization for Women
Current events, membership info, the purpose of NOW, and amusing buttons.

 Third Wave
A group founded specifically for young women who are supporters of women's rights. 
Check out their scholarship page.

Other Women's Resource Centers...

 The KSU Women's Center

 University of Nebraska Women's Center

 Iowa State University Margaret Sloss Women's Center

 Links to Women's Centers Nationwide

...soon all the Big 12 WRCs will be listed...

Websites & Linklists Dedicated to Women's Interests...

Links to women's organizations, news updates, and every conceivable link from a women's animated art gallery to parenting sites to pro-woman men's groups.

Come back and visit often -- these links will be expanded on a regular basis as our volunteers find even more great information to share with you.  Do you have a link you think should be up here, or a new category you think we should start?  Email  with your comments or suggestions!