What You Can Find At The Women's Resource Center...

*A place your women's group can use for meetings -- schedule a time, use the Colvin Center's ample parking lot with hourly meters, right across the street; gather around our big meeting table, and even use our TV/VCR for showing films or small women's programs, if you like.

*A cheerful volunteer who can refer you to help or counseling in crisis situations (like rape or domestic violence), help you find the information you need for a class project, or assist you in locating books or resources for personal issues you want to investigate, from current events to scholarships to contraception.

*A computer with over 100 bookmarks to women's issues and women's studies -related sites, open to the public with ethernet access to the Internet.

*A library of books on the following topics:

-Women and Social Sciences
-Scholarships and Higher Education for Minorities and Women
-Women's Health (including information on birth, pregnancy and reproductive issues)
-Legal Information and Civil Rights
-Women's Studies: Literature
-Women's Studies: History and General
-Women's Studies: Anthologies
-Women's Studies: Bisexual and Lesbian Issues
-Women's Studies: Multicultural Issues
-Women's Studies: Biography, Autobiography & Memoir

*A vertical file of clippings and information sheets on various topics of concern or interest to women, ranging from money to women's health to body image to kids and work to equality to multicultural women to local organizations and resources for women.

*Magazines, from Ms. to Bust to Mothering, that inform you, entertain you, and address your needs and interests.

*Free condoms.  We encourage women who choose to be sexually active to take the first step toward
protecting themselves from HIV by being prepared.

*Information on how to get your Women's Studies Certificate (equivalent to a minor) at OSU.

*Brochures on campus women's groups and issues of interest to women, from rape prevention to safe sex.

*A bulletin board with the latest news clippings about current events involving women or women's issues.

*A quiet, out of the way place to study or read.  Free coffee for all visitors!

You'll also be able to find out from our volunteers more about the WRC's great student programs.
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Do you have a question and you're not sure we can answer it or find the information you need?
Click the Home link to find out how to contact us -- we'll be glad to see if we can help you out!