Festival of Women

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Date: Monday, April 16th
(in the event of rain, the Festival will be moved to Tuesday, April 24th)

Time: 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Location: Library Lawn

Registration Cost: None!

Registration Deadline: Monday, April 9
registering is easy!  just call or e-mail us!

to register, call the WRC at 744-5593 and leave a message and your phone number
e-mail the organizers at osu_wrc@yahoo.com
call the WRC Chair at 707-0185

Purpose of the Festival of Women

The Festival of Women is the Women's Resource Center's way of giving back something fun to the OSU
community.  The Festival of Women celebrates Women's History Month (yeah, we know that's really
in March, but the weather is always so bad in March, we've moved the Festival to early April!).
It also celebrates all the different roles women choose to take, both in
the U.S. and in other cultures abroad.

To that end, we gather a bunch of interested groups on the Library Lawn each spring.
We play great music by women artists all day.  The groups set up tables, and those tables tell
visitors something about the groups themselves, and something celebrating either the history of women
as it relates to those groups, or else the roles of women as they relate to those groups.

The WRC also sponsors a few free drawings every year.  In the past we've given away tickets to see Ani
Difranco and $20 Hastings gift certificates, among other things.

What is the Festival of Women?

The Festival of Women has several guiding themes, and they are:

An emphasis on women's history and the roles women choose for themselves...

Bringing together the OSU and Stillwater community...

Creating a forum for groups to celebrate their ideas about women and culture...

Great music by women, all day long...

Creating a forum for OSU and Stillwater groups to introduce themselves to students...

A fun, positive event for students...

We may have more, but those are all the author of this webpage can think of right now.  This is what
we do at the Festival of Women:

Setup starts at 10:00 a.m.  At 11:00, a WRC volunteer acts as DJ and starts spinning all the CDs of great female musicians we've collected from everyone we know.  Each group has someone at their table to tell students about their cool displays, and sometimes they sell food or items to raise funds for their group.

People visit the booths, drop by the WRC table to sign up for free drawings and grab a free coke, and hang out on the lawn listening to music.  People eat, socialize, and raise their level of awareness about all the cool stuff women do in different jobs, cultures, and settings. At about 3:30 or so, we announce the winners of the drawings.  By 4:00, we're taking everything down and going home, sun-tanned and happy.

This is the third annual Festival of Women.  We've had groups as diverse as the Muslim Student Association, the National Organization for Women, the Pagan Student Association, the Iranian Student Association, and Cowgirl Sports sponsor tables.  We've also featured women-owned businesses such as Herbs and Things,
Selasi Fashions, and Vertigo.  The idea is for diverse groups and a few small businesses to get out there and relate to women's history or women's roles in a positive way.  We had about 400 visitors last year, and we're hoping for even more this year.

Register for the Festival of Women, raise campus awareness about your organization, and help make this year another success story!!

Ideas for Your Table at the Festival of Women

Below are some ideas you can use in creating a table display for the Festival of Women.

If you would like to see what some groups did last year, that's at the bottom (or click the link!)
We also have a brief statement about what you can have or do at your table.

*If you are a multicultural or international group, you could set up a display of historical or native items used or worn by women from your nation, culture, race, or the regions where people of your culture live.  You could also do a pictoral display or poster detailing some interesting facts about the history of women from your culture or country, make and sell items or foods related to your culture or country, or hand out information about how your group helps women of your culture or country.

*If you are a women's group, you could set up a display related to the history of women in the professional field or belief system the women in your group represent (for instance, women in technology or women in the Bible), or you could hand out items with your group's mission or logo on them, or you could do a display showing women in your group doing the activities your organization normally engages in.

*If you are a departmental group, you could set up a display related to the history of women (or current status of women) in the field(s) people from your department generally go into -- for example, the history of women in Computer Science or a packet of poems by famous women writers or prints by famous women artists.  You can also hand out information about your group.

What You Can Do At Your Table

Clubs are free to utilize the Festival to raise funds or awareness about their group.  The only restriction is that material should be respectful toward women and should emphasize either equality or the ways women choose the roles represented by your organization.

Examples from Previous Years' Festivals of Women

The Muslim Student Association handed out cookies and information on the roles women choose
for themselves in the Muslim religion.

The Asian American Student Association sold food as part of a fundraising effort.

The Iranian Student Association did a display of items of jewelry and decorative items with cultural significance.

Herbs and Things sold jewelry, did henna tattos for students, and brought items from their store.

The Pagan Student Association made a display of posters detailing the significance of women and female deities in their religion, and showed some items frequently used in their religion.

A group of students made a display of Women in the Arts, including prints by artists such as Georgia O'Keefe, a display on women in ballet, and a handout featuring poems by prominent women artists
through the ages, from Sappho in ancient Greece to contemporary writers.

An OSU representative from women's sports promoted women's sports on campus and gave out free posters of the softball team.

Please let us know by April 9th whether your group will be interested so we can be sure and save a table for you.  If you'd like your name as a co-sponsor on posters and ads, let us know that also, and we'll be sure to include you!  Also feel free to call with any questions about the event or for help brain-storming about what you might like to put on your table.  We'll be glad to help you get ready in any way we can, and we look forward to your participation in the Festival of Women!