VASA@OSU | Sports Tournament 2002

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Every once in awhile something great happens and we're lucky enough to have lived during that time... What if, just what if, you could be a part of that moment? To be a part of that greatness that you would eventually look back upon and tell your grandchildren, "I wasn't just there- I made it happen." And I would be there, standing next to you- all wrinkly and old- to say, in my Shaft-like voice, "You damn right..."

Here it is- your opportunity to bring happiness, if not to the rest of the world, then to Stillwater, OK; even if it is just for a brief weekend. Sign up... because we love you.

Current Volunteers (13) From
May Kim, VASA Alumni Dallas, TX
Ryan Lum OSU - Stillwater, OK
Hai Du OSU - Stillwater, OK
Duy Tran OSU - Stillwater, OK
Minh Pham, VASA Alumni OU - Norman, OK
Lili Hoang OSU - Stillwater, OK
Khanh Nghiem OSU - Stillwater, OK
Cindy Keo OSU - Stillwater, OK
Lisa Nguyen OSU - Stillwater, OK
Cathy Nguyen OSU - Stillwater, OK
Thanh Huynh, Sports Coordinator VSA@WSU - Wichita, KS
Quyen Nguyen OSU - Stillwater, OK
Pauline Pham OSU - Stillwater, OK