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Get There
We, VASA@OSU, suggest that you use a service such as to find your way to Stillwater, OK. (*hint* Do not take the road less traveled.)

Here's a map of OSU, courtesy of OSU's Physical Plant. To find the Colvin Center Annex, Click on "Locate Buildings By Name/Number."


  1. Take the Stillwater exit and head EAST on HIGHWAY 51 (H-51)
  2. Follow H-51 for approximately 15 minutes
  3. H-51 will turn into 6th Street
  4. Turn NORTH onto WESTERN (Street)
  5. Turn RIGHT onto FARM RD
  6. The ANNEX will be on your left and looks like an AIRPLANE HANGAR
  7. If you get lost, call CATHY (918-740-8133) or STEVE (918-688-6140)

  1. From 412, take EXIT 27 (Stillwater, OSU)
  2. Follow road until toll ($0.50)
  3. Exit immediately to PERKINS RD
  4. At the STOP sign, turn LEFT
  5. Follow road for approximately 10 minutes
  6. Turn right at HALL OF FAME AVE; continue on Hall of Fame
  7. Turn left onto MONROE (watch out for speed bumps)
  8. Turn right onto FARM ROAD (1st road on right)
  9. The ANNEX will be on your right and looks like an AIRPLANE HANGAR
  10. If you get lost, call LISA (918-527-4538) or STEVE (918-688-6140)