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     Hotel Listing

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Rates indicated are for an arrival of Friday, March 1st and departure of Sunday,
March 3rd. The respective hotels may change these rates at will.
Best Western ($65/night) 600 E. McElroy Rd.405-377-7010
Motel 6 ($35.99/night)5122 W. 6th (on Highway 51)405-624-0433
Holiday Inn ($65/night)2515 W. 6th405-372-0800
Days Inn ($54/night)5010 W. 6th.405-743-2570
Fairfield Inn ($60.95/night)418 E. Hall of Fame Ave.405-372-6300
Country Chatea Inn3124 S. Perkins Rd.405-377-1328
Madison House Inn Bed & Breakfast623 S. Lewis405-743-0100
Fifty One Motel LTD1327 E. 6th405-372-8408
The Atherton (on campus)H-103 Student Union405-744-6835