VASA@OSU | Sports Tournament 2002
     Saturday, March 2 - Sunday, March 3, 2002

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W e l c o m e
1:00AM, Saturday, March 2, 2002


A winter storm has hit our region quite unexpectedly. It
appears to affect mostly Saturday, and leave Sunday. The
tournament will continue in the revised format:

1) REGISTRATION will be extended to 12:30PM
   - Please don't rush your way here, the tournament
     isn't that important.

2) We will work on a Team-by-Team basis if necessary
   - Captains/Teams will be informed as they arrive
   - Games will be adjusted to play those teams present
     (@ 10:30) and will allow room for late arrivals.

3) If you decide to WITHDRAW from the tournament,
   call Steve (918-688-6140) and let him know.
   - If you will be arriving later than 12:30PM, let
     him know as well.

Do not rush to get here.  We cannot stress that enough.
Please take extra caution in driving and let us know that
you, your team, and/or guests are on their way or have
decided to cancel.

Drive safe,

U p d a t e s
  • Men's Volleyball is almost at it MAX.
  • Check back for FREQUENT updates!
  • To help us with the tournament, please see the Volunteer page.
  1. Teams are guaranteed at least 3 games
  2. Actual brackets to be determined in the coming weeks
  3. SemiFinals and Finals will be played on Sunday