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     Frequently Asked Questions

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F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S
  1. When will the next tournament be?
    A: This is the last tournament, for a while, due to rennovations being made to the Colvin Center. At earliest, 2004- but more likely in 2005, will VASA@OSU be hosting again.

  2. What happens when registration reaches a max for a particular sport?
    1. That particular sport will be locked and it will be taken off of the registration form.
    2. Teams that want to be put on a waiting list can do so by emailing
    3. All registered teams will be asked to send a check or make arrangements for payment, and commit to the tournament by the deadline set by registration (Friday, February 22, 2002).
    4. If all, registered, teams commit and there are still teams on the waiting list, we will consider expanding the brackets- but there is no guarantee.
    5. Available spots will go to the next team on the waiting list.
    6. If all else fails, another opportunity awaits when VSA@OU hosts their tournament scheduled on April 6th and 7th.

  3. Q: Your rules say one non-asian on a team- are you sure about that?
    A: Yes. Yes we are. To avoid any disputes, we are sticking to this rule.

  4. Q: Right now I know for sure I'm bringing a team but I don't have everyone's names. Will I be able to switch names at Registration on the day of the tournament or is it, whoever I write down I'm stuck with?
    A: Yes, you can register without having everyone's name, but that morning of the tournament, you will need to have all players' names listed.

  5. Q: What time is the tournament going to start playing, and ending, games?
    A: We'll get back to you on that.

  6. Q: Do we have to have our own uniforms or will jerseys be provided?
    A: Yes, it will be necessary for you to bring your own jerseys or similar colored shirts.

  7. Q: Will we get a warm up ball or do we need to bring our own?
    A: We will provide only 4 warmup balls. You may want to bring your own.

  8. Q: You might not have decided this but what type of format will we be playing? Round robin or Double Elimination? And how many games are we guarenteed to play?
    A: As of now, no specific format has been determined, but a decision will be made and posted one week prior to the tournament.

  9. Q: What teams qualify as a Returning Champion Team?
    A: Only 3 teams qualify- and those teams went home with the 1st place trophies for their respective sport in the 2001 Tournament.

  10. Q: How big are the trophies?
    A: Big. In Stillwater, we carry big trophies, only.

  11. Q: Will there be referees?
    A: Yes, there will be paid referees on hand.

  12. Q: Can our team pay on Saturday at Registration?
    A: The limit on the number of teams for this tournament obligate us to serve those teams whose payments were received earliest. If you, absolutely, cannot pay prior to the tournament date, contact us before hand.