Thanksgiving Dinner 2001

Theresa: Dang... this dude is all up on me... Can I get some air? You know what I'm sayin'?

Pauline: Uh huh... 'just smile and nod... and pretend he's not there.

Vu: I am the most innocent of them all... 'just check out my halo.

Huy: I... am the man.

[Thanksgiving Dinner... another start of many, many, many Kodak™ moments for VASA. Vu, Theresa, Huy, & Pauline pretend to pose and smile ... because this is the 5th time that Cathy has been around with the camera.]

The Ladies Veteran VASA/AASA Ladies: Alright, girls, time to do our patented pose- put that behind out there ;)

[In every large group picture, there is alway, ALWAYS, someone trying to seduce the camera man. Ryan, you know what I'm talkin' about.]

Calvin: Yeah, I'm doing the patented pose a little late 'cause the ladies said I would be too distracting... Damn, I look good.

Russell: So really, when are the drinks coming?

Cindy: *grin* I wish Calvin would stop showing out already... dang, you leave him out of one picture and he just won't forget about it.

Faith: *grin* Ditto.

Matt: Yeah, I'm white... so?   Background Voice: Yeah! You tell 'em, Matt! Fight the power!

[The power of AASA... takes a break from their daily duties to enjoy good food and good company.]


David: Everything is cool over here.

[Um... okay, maybe it's not just in large, group pictures.]

Theresa: Yea!!! Picture Time!

Pauline: Hmm... This halo thingee has been on everyone... I don't think it's worth much.

[Yes, Pauline, this halo-thingee is getting out of control.]

Cathy: Okay, my turn to be in the picture now. Smile everyone!

Theresa: Aren't they tired of us yet?

Pauline: My smile's all tired out...

Steve: Finally, I get to be in a picture!

[With her strong biceps, Cathy keeps Theresa, Pauline, and Steve in the picture and at her control.]


[Smile. Lisa, Danya, Cathy, and Christine stop for a quick photo.]

Danya: Wait a minute... didn't you just take my picture?

Christine: This is getting old...

Tri: Arrrrrrghhh!!! Bring me me turkaaaay!!!! Arrrghhh... or not.

Lisa: Teehehe... hahaha... ha ha ha ha...

[Here are some of our fellow APA students sharing a nice Thanksgiving Dinner... but where's the turkey? Their plates sure look empty.]

Chi Dung: Quyen... I'm married.

Quyen: That's okay. Let's just pretend your not for this picture. (Dangit...)

Theresa: Hi, this is my 5th picture now... Can we stop?

Cathy: No! I have to be in at least one picture w/all of you guys!

Pauline: My mouth really is tired now...

[Another group picture to add to the collection. Gotta love 'em.]


[The cold weather can't keep a smile off these guys faces.]

The Ladies Halo: I am everywhere...

Mayur: This has got to be the stupidest thing Steve has ever come up with...

Steve: Yea boiiii!!! Three fingers fo life!!!

[AASA. VASA. Mayur. Steve. Together for the first time in OSU history. Not as man and wife, rather as Mr. President and Mr. President. With their combined powers, little do they know how much influence they will have on the near future of OSU and its APA student population.]

Duy: Last picture? But I just got here.

Theresa: You're lucky, dude.

Benson: I hope I don't blink during this picture... My eyes are small enough as it is.

Quyen: Hey, baby...

Tri: *grin* I hope no one gets sick off that turkey...

Steve: I don't know- I just smile.

Cathy: Another social... another hundred pictures to add to the scrapbook.

[VASA 2001-2002 Officers... and Halo, together for one last picture... really.]