New Pics... unsorted

[You would think the historian of VASA would put more pictures of VASA up, than of himself... Enjoy the pictures of Tri.]

Tram: "VASA POWER!!!" Duy: "Thumbs up, Dude!"
Sushi House with Quyen
Laura: "I want to be a princess today... so you guys get to carry me."
Food... We want food...
Duy on table, naked... not really
Tram in... "Duy's Pimp." Coming to a theatre near you.
Jennifer & Quyen
Joanne & Tram
VASA Meeting 1
VASA Meeting 2
Linda & 2 Nguyens
Melisa & Tri
2003-2004 Officers: Ladies (R-to-L) Jordan, Jamie, Laura, & Kim-Thao. Gentlemen (R-to-L) Will, Dung, Duy, & Steve
Patty and Tri
Quoc, Jen, and (drumroll...) Tri
Quyen and Cathy... I mean, Patty