Lunar Moon Festival (Tet Trung Thu) '02: Part 1

Lunar Moon Festival: Here comes the crowds! [Catherine, our Asian Pacific American Coordinator, talks to some students prior to the start of the festival. Can you spot the lion dancer in this photo?]

Mathew flexing his muscles Mathew: Yep, yep... I was going to do the lion dance, but I wanted to let these young guys get all the glory.

[As you can see, everyone came out to the Lunar Moon Festival. After a three-year absence, the audience will get to experience a lion dance, origins of the lunar festival skit, fashion show, and fire-dancing performance.]

Lion Dance
[Two lions are better than one. VASA and AASA let the lions loose to bring good luck this year and scare away any evil spirits in the area.]

Lion Dance 2
[In this portion of the festival, the audience joins in on the parade with lanterns lit. There's our very own Cathy!]



[Dance 3]

Dance 4 []

Sale 1 [Selling mooncakes and lanterns.]

Sale 2 [Selling mooncakes and lanterns part2.]