2002 Sports Tournament

Dark Blue Shirt: H-Town's 'bout to knock some boots up in hea'!

Red Shirt: *melodic* Somebody's rockin', knockin', da boots...

White Shirt: Um, don't you mean, "these boots were made for walking... and they'll walk all over you?"

Yellow Shirt: No, he had it right the first time.

Blue Shirt: YEEEE!!!

[It is our esteemed pleasure to introduce... ATS. The defending champions of last year's sports tournament. But the competition this time around is FIERCE- like the L and R buttons on the Super Nintendo control pad... 'Dont' act like you don't know... HA-DO-KEN!]

Chin: Yes! The trophy is finally where it belongs... at my house! The rest of you guys can just touch it.

Steve: Hey guys! Look! I'm on a winning team!

Andy: I'm not really touching it... just pointing with all my fingers.

Bill: I may have warmed the bench- but I'm still a part of the team.

[Congratulations to the AASA Blue Devils for bringing the 1st Place Basketball Trophy home. It was a long, cold road to victory- but the sun sure is shining now.]

Big Tall Dude in the Back: Damn...

The Only Dude that's Smiling: Do you know how cold it is? I'm just glad it's over.

Dude with Towel: Damn...

[Synergy, last year's champion in Basketball, takes 2nd place at this year's tournament. Entering as the defending champions, every other team wanted a piece of them. Their games were fun to watch.]

Pick One: That's right! Wolfpack ain't no joke!

Pick Another One: You didn't think we were going to go home empty-handed, did you?

Pick One More: Yeah! 'Finally got to play Synergy! We've been tailing them for years to as many tournaments as I can remember and we never met up until now. They al'ight.

[Taking 3rd Place in Basketball, Wolfpack is another one of the returning teams from last year. They were one of our favorites to watch and play against. One time, they had this chick that was launching bombs from 3-point land... what could we do? We'll meet again Wolfpack... We'll meet again.]

Simone: I didn't play today, but I still practice with them.

Christine: Are we good, or what?

Hot Chick: Yes we are.

May: Alums ROCK!

[The AASA Powerpuff Girls kept the 3rd Place Women's Volleyball trophy at home... though we only had 3 women's teams. But a win's a win.]

Lady #1: It's sooo cold, but it was soooo fun!

Lady #2: Man, this is gonna be the last year?

Lady #3: I love spiking the ball.

Lady #4: WSU all the way!

Lady #5: Okay, we did what we came to do- let's go home now.

Minh: I'm so proud of VASA... *tear*

[Meet the WSU Women's Team, with our very own Alumn- Minh! They took 1st Place! Yea!!! This team was good- real good. That's because they had a ringer- just kidding. I think some of the men's teams were even afraid to go head to head against them.]

Austin Angels: We might be number 2... but we're still 'C' double-'O' to the 'L'.

Austin Angels: That's soooo lame... *sigh*... Benson made us say that.

Benson: Que?

[2nd Place Women's Volleyball Champs. These ladies came straight out of Austin, through the snow, ice, and hail to make their presence felt at this year's tournament.]

OSU Pegasus: *singing*We represent... the OSU Pokes! The OSU Pokes! We represent... the OSU POKESSSSS!!!! and something something something *mumble* *mumble* *cough* *cough*... of Munchkin Land!

[This group from OSU came with a force that was to be reckoned with. They didn't look like much, but man, did they pack a punch! Good show, OSU Pegasus!]





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