Into the Streets 2001

At the retirement home Quyen: By my calculations, the maximum capacity of this bag should be...

Tri: Chicken wire...? But where are the chickens?

Tri: Man, I hope no one thinks I'm stealing this thing.

Tri: Ha ha...

Tri: I hope my brother doesn't rip that bag.

[These hard working men are... (drumroll) VASA MEN. As you can see, they are helping out the elderly at one of the rest homes, here, in Stillwater, OK. Yard cleaning is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. These guys are so giving...]

Benson, Tri, Dustin, Khoa, Duy, and Quyen Camera Guy: Everyone say fill in the blank.

[Yes, it was that funny. *SIGH* Goodtimes... goodtimes... (Click to enlarge)]

Light = No Smile No Light = Smile

[Place pointer over pictures; click to enlarge.]

the gaze Duy: Hey... I think that dog's looking at my butt.

Dustin: Dude, he's not looking at your butt- get back to work.

Tri: Hey guys! Look at me!

'I'm a dancin', dancin', dancin' machine... I DO, MY, THING on the video screeeeen! Go on, Tri! It's yo' birfday! It's yo' birfday! It's yo' birfday!...

[Cleaning windows is hard work- believe me you. With ferocious dogs lurking nearby and singing Tri's always trying to make a new video- cleaning windows should be left to only the strong-willed.]

Khoa and Duy [I have no comment for this picture. They're just cleaning windows... Damnit!]

Group picture w/Duy and w/o Benson Dog: Look into my eyes... You are getting sleepy... very sleeeepy...

[Here they are... VASA MEN... posing after about two hours of cleaning windows, crawling under close spaces, avoiding spiders and bugs, being given a tour of the yard, and being given a history lesson of Stillwater lakes (man-made and natural)... the VASA MEN are still alive. Seriously though, it was a great time. Our hostess was very entertaining and agreed with us on some thoughts about the administration and the overall operations of OSU. Note to self: go back for firewood for camping trip. Click to enlarge.]