International Expo 2001

Dan, Duy, and Lili Duy: Hey, Lili- can I practice my mack on you?

Lili: Mmm hmm, let me see what you got.

Duy: First, I'd be like,

"Hey baby... you like my watch?"

Lili: You shouldn't say "watch"- you should say "Rolex".

Dan: Man, I'd like to get my mack on with those two ladies in the Kimonos. Whoo wee!

[Actually, they're just taking a break from selling out of eggrolls. Good work, VASA!]

Lili and Kimono Ladies Lili: I'm not even dressed up- and I still look good! Heyyy...

[Thanks goes out to the Japanese Student Association members for taking the time to pose with our very own, Lili.]

the gaze Cathy: Quick! Pretend that you're looking at something!

Dan: Again? Alright...

Mrs. Longoria-Greve: Sorry guys, but I don't play that game.

[Staring off into the distance, Cathy and Dan pretend to wait for their boat ride to freedom... while Mrs. Greve pretends that she doesn't know them.]

Here's a picture of one of the speakers- with cameo appearances by Tri and Dr. Brown.

[Place pointer over picture]