Upcoming Events are...

SEPT 14:  VASA float trip with...many others.. you guys heard this
          already...    Tri, count me in! Email our buddy Tri to tell him your
          going by this week PLEASE! ntri@okstate.edu

SEPT 19   (NOT the 16th, a correction from Cathy's email...must've been a typo):
          General Meeting - Student Union Rm 420 8pm... all are welcome, of
          course! Come and sign up to help with OSU'S TET TRUNG THU!

SEPT 21:  Tet Trung Thu at OKC - the Vietnamese community needs volunteers!
          Activities include face painting, helping backstage before
          performances, etc... I'm planning to go, are you? If so, stop by the
          VASA office to fill out a short form(name, date, and signature) or
          just email me back! The festivities run from 5pm-8pm. We'll probably
          have to be there earlier. We can car pool from Stillwater too!

SEPT 26:  OSU's TET TRUNG THU - Yes, we get to participate in two this year!
          Not only do we get to help out for one celebration in OKC, we get to
          host one on the library lawn!

This month is a busy month so mark your calendars! Hope to hear from you all! We'd
love everyone's help!

Take care,