VASA 2002-2003 Leaders & Officers .

Pauline Pham,
Pauline Pham, President Major: Electrical Engineering

Quote: Don't spend your life finding yourself, spend it creating yourself.

Hobbies: cartoon watching, movie watching, reading, rollarblading, and quoting Shakespeare in Vietnamese (...haha..riiight...I wish)

Why should you join VASA?
Living in such a busy world, we need to be reminded that life isn't just about school and work. It's about having a chance to make friends and discovering about ourselves.

Duy Tran,
Duy Tran, Vice President Major: Mackin' tha ladies

Quote: "Hey Baby... you like my watch?"

Hobbies: Going to the clubs, picking up hot women, jamming to music, & getting my dance on.

Why should you join VASA?
Do you know how many ladies I've met since I joined? Yeeeeaaaah baaaby! *SIGH* Goodtimes... goodtimes.

Jordan Ensley,
Jordan Ensley, Treasurer Major: Math/MIS minor

Quote: "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." -Henry David Thoreau

Hobbies: sleeping, eating Arby's, and falling while rollerblading

Why should you join VASA?
It's ggggreat fun :)

Cathy Nguyen,
Cathy Nguyen, Secretary Major: Graphic Design

Quote: Fly like a bird and be free and don't come BACK

Hobbies: working out and cheering for VASA

Why should you join VASA?
it's a second home away from your family and close friends back home and a way to meet people...and the FREE FOOD!YUM! YUM!

Linh M. Sasser,
Linh Sasser, Social Chair Major: Public Relations/Journalism and Broadcasting

Quote: "In the end inspiration is everything" -William Blake

Hobbies: Hang out with my friends, go to the lake, movies, concerts, drive, meet new people, travel...

Why should you join VASA?
You get to meet a bunch of new people, have things to do, learn new things, just have fun, gain leadership skills, learn new words from Benson, go to different conferences, meet people from other schools...

Tri Nguyen,
Tri Nguyen, Historian Major: Chemical Engineering foo!!!

Quote: "That was TIGHT. Haha... Can you teach me how to (insert activity here- but currently it's breakdancing)?"

Hobbies: Getting my groove on with the ladies; vibin' to new trance beats; postin' up at the clubs with Duy; checking the ladies out; & keeping the crazySexyCool-factor HIGH at all times 'cause I learned from the best, and his name is Steve.

Why should you join VASA?
You know what? VASA was cool before Duy got here... not to say that it's bad, now. It's just... it's just that by him being present, it radically reduces the women-to-Tri ratio. I'm not a hater or anything... but Trees need a hug too. (You like that, huh? Yeah, I thought of that myself.)

Position still available



Why should you join VASA?

Lisa Nguyen
Lisa Nguyen, Entertainment Coordinator Major: Fashion Connoisseur

Quote: Money ain't a thang! Money ain't a thang!... wait, what time is it?

Hobbies: Kicking it with my VASA buds, shopping, cute guys, chatting (phone and AIM), road trips, listening to music (especially Serena Paris! She's my favorite!), and shopping again.

Why should you join VASA?
VASA is the best student organization on campus. We've been to the Roxy- I mean, the OCA Leadership Training in Houston, TX- Camp Singles- I mean, Camp Len Duong... and we recently did an OU Retreat this past summer. It's GRRRRREAT!

Catherine Vijayakumar, Advisor
Catherine Vijayakumar, Advisor Major:



Why should you join VASA?

Kiem-Dung Ta,
Kiem-Dung Ta, Advisor Major:



Why should you join VASA?